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 Some more info on farming

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PostSubject: Some more info on farming   Wed Mar 26, 2008 8:36 am

** ** ** ** ** * Are you tired of always losing points?
* Are you tired of being the "low man" in your alliance?
* Are you ready to become a top player in your Universe?
* Are you tired of getting wasted by your former peers?

OGame Tips Strategy Guide
- http://www.ogametips.com/strategy-guide/
** ** ** ** **

Honorable Mention - Tip # 8 -
Name: NNichols
Strategy Level: Beginner
Title: Raiding

Editors Note: You can never have enough good advice on raiding.
NNichols really pushes SpeedSim (or DragoSim), which is critical in
raiding. ~ Voidhawk

Raiding is going to other planets and stealing resources and is the
single easiest way to get lots of resources real fast. This has
nothing to do with fleet crashing. First off, you need several
cargo ships and fleet slots so you can do at least 3 or 4 raids at
one time.

For the weaker players, send your cargo ships to attack inactive
(i) planets. If all you have is small cargos then you will probably
fill one up on each planet. But if you do this with 3 small cargo
ships twice a day, that's easily 30,000 resources extra without
even a worry. That's probably close to doubling what you log into
everyday from your mines. It's also very simple to find inactive
planets so this should be very simple for anyone to do.

As you grow and start to make large cargos, you'll start finding
that the inactive planets don't have enough resources to come close
to filling your cargo ships. So you'll need to start raiding active
players. I first look for planets that have no alliance because
they won't have friends to attack you and generally are weaker.
Although you can look at the alliance rank, and if it is much lower
like 200 or 300 then it probably wont be a problem. Send enough
probes to get all their information.


At the time of raiding active players you'll need to start building
a few light fighters and heavy fighters to combat the few solar
satellites, missile launchers and such that you'll start seeing.

The great part about being less than 5000 point though, is that it
limits what you can attack and what you can be attacked by. So if
you find people that have a little defense, and can break their
defense to win the battle, then you just found a target for the
next five days or so. Chances are they will be new players, not
that interested in the game and wont log in much. Also while less
than 5000 points you'll be pretty evenly matched with your targets.
Stay under 5000 points as long as you can and research as much as
possible. That way, you'll come out of noob protection with tons of
research and can have a fully armed battleship fleet when you hit
5000 points.

As you grow more you'll begin to have to start making cruisers to
get through defense and can even start crashing light and heavy
fighters, cargo ships, espionage probes, etc. start sending a
recycler to pick up the debris.

While you're under 5000 points there is NO need whatsoever to even
think about fleet crashing. The debris from a light fighter will be
nothing compared to the res of a planet that is your size.

All this really requires is a few minutes each day to do some
espionage. Write down the coordinates of planets that you find that
you can hit. For example, a planet with no resources at the moment,
but no defense. Maybe in 8 hours they will have lots of resources
and no defense. If you have 3 cruisers building currently, see if
that will even the odds (using SpeedSim) against a defense you
can't break and etc. About 5 minutes before the attack happens,
send probes again to make sure the target hasn't come online and
used resources to make defense or moved it and you should be safe.

As said before, do this several times a day and you'll find a lot
more resources coming in, and it's easy. Using this raiding
strategy I was able to build my first Nanite factory at 25k points,
my second Nanite a week later at 30k and enough fleet for my first
HOF at 40k points.
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Some more info on farming
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